Xqlusive Designs

Xqlusive Designs is a small business that specializes in creating jewelry, jackets, jeans and etc. They are based in Southern California. We have been working with them since 2015. We have created their website (e-commerce), logo, events, marketing plan etc.

Chic L'Amour Boutique

Chic L'amour is an online clothing boutique for women. One of our favorite clients' to work with. We have assisted Chic L'amour with their marketing plan, social media, website, events, photoshoots and much more. While we are still working with them they have proven an increase in website traffic as well as sales.

Mique Ink

Mique Ink is a personal brand, Monique Foster, celebrity make-up artist founded. We are assisting her in creating events and building her brand. Currently we're working on her website. Coming Soon!

Law Offices of Chidi Metu

The Law Offices of Chidi Metu is a prestigious Law Firm located in the city of Los Angeles. We created a new logo for the firm. Extraordinary Visionz has introduced this firm to the digital world. We created a website and created a social media presence in order to introduce them to new markets.

Rob Hill Art

Rob Hill is an artist specializing in geometric shaping. We have assisted in building his website (e-commerce selling paintings, and clothing), branding and event coordinating. Following being the creative director for photoshoots and art shows.

Selebriti Mas Band

Selebriti Mas Band is a West Indian Carnival masquerade band. New to the carnival scene, we are helping them build a presence in the carnival scene. We took their black and white logo and added some Hollywood personality to it. Branding is everything, we pride ourselves on making sure your company's vision relays the right message. Adding a signature to the tagline was just the icing on the cake.

Nurse Barbie

Nurse Barbie was created by Rhanell Kennedy, BS, RN. Nurse Barbie is a brand created on social media to encourage Nurses across the world. Nurse Barbie has hired Extraordinary Visionz to maximized her audience engagement through digital marketing.

Petals Extensions

Petals Extensions is an e-commerce store, selling top-quality 100% Virgin Hair and Mink Lashes. Petals Extensions hired Extraordinary Visionz to maximize sales through digital marketing and advertising. Extraordinary Visionz has taken charge of branding, packaging.