Our Approach

Extraordinary Visionz is exactly the name we are very unique in everything we do. We don't start the focus on what your company provides, we like to start by focusing on who your company needs to reach. Once we know your prospective clients, we can make magic.

Our Story

Extraordinary Visionz is here to make your brand extraordinary. By doing so we exercise an exclusive online and offline marketing strategy that implements innovation, creativity and conscious solutions for fresh, emerging brands and well-established. Our team has well over 10 years of experience in marketing strategies, event production, web design, product launch, photos & videos, and branding. Our creative team has come together bringing their expertise to become Extraordinary Visionz.

Meet the Team

Our team is not your typical marketing team. We work closely with friends and family. Together we have great chemistry and compliment each other. It’s important for our clients to know that they are in the best care and we believe your visions are just as real as ours.

Kareem Hines

Graphic Designer

Kareem's passion for art started at the age of 7. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY his love for art began with a pencil and paper, Drawing. It wasn't until middle school when he was introduced to graphic designs. Since then he has created complex logos, artwork for product packaging, and artwork on clothing. Not to mention his photography and videography skills are A-1.

Dawn Fisher

Marketing & Communications Consultant

Dawn fell in love with marketing in 2010. With a B.S. in Marketing and an M.A. in Psychology, she's decided to put forth her expertise and help small businesses conquer through marketing and psychology. Dawn enjoys the creative aspect of marketing. Digital Marketing is her favorite. She also enjoys traveling the world.

"Nothing is impossible for the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE."

Chris Clarke

Web Developer

Chris grew up in South Central Los Angeles. At a young age Chris enjoyed the wonders of technology. The passion for the tech world has always been with Chris. Years of gaming, putting together PCs and more, was the discovery for his passion for curating websites, applications and more. Over the years Chris has created search engines, applications

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